Saturday, April 26, 2008

I feel a draft in here....

Today should be a great Spring day....I'll be watching the NFL Draft to see which promising college player will be my Cincinnati Bengals latest draft bust.

If you think I'm being too harsh, here's a few words for you....David Klingler, Dan Wilkinson, Ki-Jana Carter, Akili Smith, Odell Thurman and David Pollack.

And of course, brand new Lawrence Welk tonight....a salute to Irving Berlin. Yeah, I know, the Maestro has done a whole show about him before, however I'm curious what year they do this one.

According to OETA, Guy & Ralna and our dancers Cissy & Bobby are listed, so I am thinking it's a show from the 1070's....the question is when?

I'll just watch like you guys and find out!


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