Sunday, April 27, 2008

Salute to Irving Berlin

This week is a salute to master songwriter and lyricst Irving Berlin, taped and first aired in are some of the highlights from the show.

The band opens things up with "Alexander's Ragtime Band".

Guy & Ralna with the number "Remember".

Cissy King dancing with Lawrence to the tune of "Always".

Next up is Joe Feeney singing "A Pretty Girl" which is another Berlin classic.

Here's the Maestro's special musical guest, saxophonist Marshall Royal from the Count Basie Orchestra playing one of his two sax solos.

Gail, Sandi and Mary Lou all around the Baldwin playing and singing "I Love A Piano".

Other numbers include Anacani's "How Deep Is The Ocean", instrumentals such as "Marie" with Don Staples at the solo trombone, a medley of songs from "Annie Oakley", Arthur Duncan tapping to "Blue Skies", Tom Netherton singing "What'll I Do", Ken Delo singing "Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning", Cissy & Bobby dancing to "Let's Face The Music And Dance" and Norma Zimmer closing the show with "God Bless America".

It's just your typical salute to Irving Berlin show, great numbers performed real well by great singers and musicians.

And this week, in the hot seat is Ken Delo where this time around he talked about his family and as part of the team of Delo and Daly, became big stars in Australia in that country's early years of television. Their show paved the way for future popular Down Under programs such as Four Corners, Number 96, Hey Hey It's Saturday, Neighbours along with Home and Away just to name a few.

Not bad for a kid from sixty miles to the north in Detroit!

Until next week, keep a song in your heart and to be Australian, "Good day' mate!"


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