Monday, April 14, 2008

Get Out The Vote

Yes folks, 2008 is an election year in America....and it's not just about who is going to be the next President.

On American Idol, all you Welk fans out there have a voice in choosing the next big songwriter in the US of A....about twenty are in the running and one of them is our own Gail Farrell!

Gail and her masterpiece, "You Can Do Anything" is in the running. You first heard it on "Precious Memories" and now you can take it to even bigger heights!

Just go to AI's webpage by clicking here at AMERICAN IDOL SONGWRITER 2008

On the menu, under SHOW GUIDE, click on AMERICAN IDOL SONGWRITER, you'll be asked for your email and password to log in to see the entries (for first time users, you can register...they'll show you how).

Once logged in and everything sure to vote for "You Can Do Anything" on a scale of 1-10 stars....I know you guys out there will give a perfect 10.

Let's do it for Gail and all the Champagne Music Makers! Voting ends on April 23rd.


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Amy said...

Everybody vote! Email everyone you know to vote! 10 stars all the way**********