Sunday, February 03, 2008

A timely show about Time

This episode, a salute to time, first aired on April 29,'s the gang with the opening number, "My Grandfather's Clock"

Here's Natalie Nevins in the solo spot with "Love's Old Sweet Song"

She really looks nice with her hair done that way, I just wish the show's producers and the Maestro would allow Natalie to have her hair down more often.

Now here's Jack Imel with Jo Ann Castle, Charlie Parlato and Bob Lido at the supermarket with "Now's The Time To Fall In Love".

Who knew that Double Coupon day was this fun?

It's an invasion of the Andy Capps!

No, it's the Lennon Sisters with the breezy sixties hit "Georgy Girl".

And of course, the gang asking everybody for just "Five Minutes More".

And it feels great to get back online....just in the nick of time!

Next week, it's a salute to Irving Berlin from take care y'all!


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