Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Oscar's Night....

No....not this Oscar, we're talking Academy Awards here

And that is also the topic of this week's Lawrence Welk Show on public television, the same weekend of this blogmaster's birthday (which is today).

God I feel old.....

This show originally aired in April 1971, a few highlights from the show include Guy Hovis in the solo spot singing the theme song from "High Noon".

Here's Myron Floren and the boys playing "Never On Sunday"....a little Escondido brass to jazz up your day I might add.

And here's comic legend Jack Benny appearing as tonight's special guest, trying to play the violin.

Finally, here's Tanya Falan in the solo spot with "For All We Know", which of course one of many hit songs by the Carpenters....and a Oscar contender for Best Song.

And speaking of Tanya, she was Mary Lou's guest in the interview segment as well.

Very fine show indeed....according to my PBS station's broadcast guide, next three weeks are in pledge mode, good news is that the Welk shows prempted are all repeats I've seen many times before.

Take care now, while I go have some birthday cake.