Sunday, February 10, 2008

Salute to Irving Berlin

This week's show is a salute to Irving Berlin which first aired on April 14, are a few highlights!

Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts singing "Remember?"

We also have Tanya Falan in the solo spot with "Say It Isn't So"

And here's Bobby & Cissy dancing to "Let's Face The Music And Dance"

Next is Anacani with "It's a Lovely Day Today"....

....and for some great dance music, here's Myron Floren at the PAN accordian with Neil Levang on guitar with "You're Just In Love".

And as for next week....good news! It will be a brand-spanking-new episode titled "Songs of the South" with Ava Barber being the featured interview.

Can't wait to see that until then, keep a song in your heart!


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