Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vive La France

Bon Jour! This week's Welk episode originally aired February 15, 1964 (The Beatles' second of three Ed Sullivan show appearances aired the next day...just a little fun fact) and it's a black & white classic that is all about the music of France.

I wonder if Charles De Gaulle was watching? He would've like it.

Decked out in their berets, the fellas in the band are playing "The Poor People Of Paris" a perennial favorite of Welk audiences.

And below, here's Peggy Lennon in the solo spotlight with a friend of I write, I don't know what the name of the song she's singing.

Now we move ahead with Jerry Burke at the organ, playing the Petite Waltz.

For that week, the normal set at the ABC studios became the streets of Paris thanks to the magic touch of set designer Charles Koon.

It was brilliantly viewers a sample of French music cuisine, like this number featuring Janet Lennon and Aladdin, who is giving Janet a "French Lesson".

Other notable numbers in the show include "Dominique" by the Lennons, "Paris In The Springtime" by Norma Zimmer while the musical family dance to the music of the "River Siene".

A wunnerful show from start to finish....tres magnifique!

And in the hot seat this week is Janet Lennon, she talked about her time on the Welk show plus her family. She also brushed up on her latest venture, Best Pals dolls with sister Kathy....and of course, they still find the time to perform for their fans, whether it's in Branson or in anywhere USA.

Next week, it's a repeat episode....Musical Tour of Europe from 1974, it will be a month until the next new show (February 16th to be exact)

Until next time, keep a song in your heart and may your troubles be few!


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Anonymous said...

The show is on now in the Lehigh Valley... I found it during a time out in the Patriots game. The black-and-white videotape got my attention and I Googled my way here to find out the original air date.

I'm thinking Peggy Lennon was singing Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup.

Thanks for the info about the show... best regards, John