Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday musings

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone, I got stuff on my mind so lets strike up the band!

Looking forward in two weeks to the Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots, and since it will be in Phoenix (Glendale to be exact)....I wonder if Ralna English will take part in the fun?

It's been pretty cold here in Toledo, so much that my car door's key hole froze up!

Also, this will be the year I do it....I'm hoping to go to Branson this September. The Welk Theater announced there will be a live Welk Reunion show after Labor Day and I have planned to save enough money for the usual travel expenses, and find a good deal for lodging at the Welk Resort.

I never been to Branson before, and it should be plenty of fun!

Right now, I'll just settle back and watch some matinee basketball on the tube.


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Rebekah said...

You will love Branson and the Lawrence Welk Stars. They are so friendly there. I went there a few years ago, when they were there doing regular welk shows at the theater. They are so friendly.