Sunday, January 27, 2008

Musical Tour of Europe

This week, we got "Musical Tour of Europe" from 1974; it's a repeat airing so here are some worldly highlights.

Clay Hart, wearing a nice cashmere sweater, singing "Danny Boy" paying tribute to Ireland.

The twin pianists, Bob Ralston and Bob Smale with help from the orchestra, playing a nice instrumental of "Theme from Summer of '42".

CIssy & Bobby perform a exotic and sexy Spanish dance....

....and Anacani with her own salute to Spain with "La Paloma" backed by the guitar twins, Buddy Merrill and Neil Levang.

....and what European show would not be complete without "The King's Horses And The King's Men".

That was also the show where Mary Lou interviewed Guy Hovis, later joined by Ralna by the end of the segment.

Very good show week is another repeat.


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