Sunday, October 07, 2007

Musical Masterpieces

This week, it's "Musical Masterpieces" from October of 1975 and here are a few highlights from the show!

Here's Tanya Falan and Ken Delo teaming up for "Glow Worm"

Also, here's Tom Netherton singing "Stranger In Paradise"

Always in top form, Anacani with her rendition of "Guadalajara"...

...and here's Johnny Zell with a trumpet solo of "It's All In The Game", he was also the featured interview afterwards as well.

And finally, The Trio with "Bubbles, Baungles and Beads".

Next week is back to the new stuff, "Fashion Hits Through The Years" and from what I hear.....Mary Lou Metzger will be interviewed!

And no, I don't think Mary Lou will conduct the interview this time....although it would make for very interesting television.

Until next week, keep a song in your heart and stay cool!


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