Monday, October 15, 2007

Ecology, The World Around Us

Since this is Blog Action Day today, here's a Lawrence Welk Show episode that is good for the enviroment....originally aired on February 2, 1973 it's the Ecology show!

And here are a few highlights, starting with Dick Dale and his friends singing "Chimney Smoke."

We also have the trombone section playing "East Of The Sun" complete with a nice solo by Barney Liddell....

Next, here is Ken Delo singing "On A Clear Day"....which is rare these days if you live in smoggy Los Angeles....

Here's the trio of Gail, Sandi and Mary Lou cleaning up after those litterbugs in the number, "Green, Green".

And here's the whole cast joining Bob Havens on trombone and Henry Cuesta on clarinet with a rousing number of "Blue Skies".

And there were plenty of other eco-friendly numbers, such as Tanya Falan's "It's A Most Unusual Day", Bobby Burgess and Jack Imel dancing to "Chem-Chem Chr-ee", Guy & Ralna singing the "Tennessee Bird Walk" plus a nice Dave Edwards saxophone solo to "Misty".

This episode not only advocates a clean planet but provides clean music too!


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