Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yes I watch Dancing With The Stars.....gotta problem with that?

OK, the secret is out.....I've watched the entire season five of the popular ABC show so far.

It all started at work, at my job in AM radio....usually when I work evenings, the studio has a TV, no cable....just the terrestrial channels, I chose to watch the season's premiere three weeks back and was hooked....the star lineup is stellar especially when it includes Wayne Newton, Jane Seymour, Heilo Castroneves, Mark Cuban and Marie Osmond just to name a few.

And the quality of ballroom dancing is stellar....just like what you see every week on the Welk show.

Last Monday, while going back-and-forth between Cowboys-Bills Monday Night Football, Yankees-Indians ALDS Game Four....most of my TV time was spent on watching Jennie Garth tackle the tango and Floyd Mayweather doing the jive.

It's early in the competition, and I still have not decided on who is my favorite to's still anyone's ballgame.

One of these days, the producers gotta have Bobby Burgess, Cissy King, Arthur Duncan or any of the dancing Welk stars guest star....or perhaps have the couples dance to something more challenging.

Like the Calcutta or a rousing polka.....

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