Friday, November 24, 2006

Johnny Zell

It's the day after Thanksgiving, which means today is Black Friday; However, it's also a day of celebration....Johnny Zell's birthday!

Our fearless trumpet guru hails from Fort Benning, GA but as a kid, lived in Los Angeles. Although he tried to audition for the Welk orchestra when he was just 15 and got turned down due to his age, it didn't deter him from pursuing a career in music, in fact he was motivated more than ever.

After high school; he was drafted by the Army where he got to play for the NORAD Commanders band and THAT's where he got a second chance to audition for the Maestro, thanks in part to being a guest star. Impressed; Lawrence gave him a job in the band upon completing his military service, that was in 1968 and of course the rest was history.

Today, Johnny and his wife Laura lives in Oregon and continues to perform his artistry with the trumpet, and thanks to his official webpage....teaches aspiring musicians to play the trumpet online!

Happy Birthday Johnny! May your birthday be "A String of Pearls!"


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