Sunday, November 05, 2006

Caribbean Cruise 1980

Pack your bags and your suntan lotion, it's time to board the S.S Ah-One-Ah-Two for this week's show; Caribbean Cruise which first aired on October 4, 1980.

The gang is ready for a three hour tour, are you?

The show has a shipload of nice musical numbers, such as Ava Barber's rendition of "The Love Boat", which of course is the famous theme song from the show of the same name. The gang also sings a rousing "When My Dreamboat Comes Home" and you have the Aldridge Sisters and Otwell Twins singing "Feelin' Groovy",

Bobby and Elaine do some dancing above, they also put the "Love Boat" theme to work in dance....with a traditional tango and later a bit of disco. You also have Ken Delo singing about the fact that there's "A Lot Of Coffee in Brazil"....trying to convince the passengers to drink some coffee while traveling in a sub-tropical climate.

The orchestra had a lot of great numbers to work with, first with "Lisbon Antigua" along with "In Acapulco" and the "Isle of Capri". There were several great solos, such as Anacani's "El Cumbanchero", Kathie Sullivan's "How Deep Is The Ocean?" and Tom Netherton's "Poinciana". You also had Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel with a light comic dance routine with "By The Beautiful Sea" which you would notice the bathing costumes they wore....not exactly going with the times!

It was a great show this week, more fun than any Poseidon adventure!

Mary Lou had Arthur Duncan in the hot seat this week, and he talked about his adventures in tap dancing; which led him to Australia and other points across the world that steered him to the Welk show. Plus, he also mentions that as a tap dancing legend, he's being honored with numerous awards for his lifetime's work in that genre.

By the way, if Arthur ever comes to your town to do a show, make it a point to see him in action, you'll be glad you did.

And that's the way the bubble pops for this week, let's set sail on the champagne waters and dance!


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hagybaby said...

Some of the "special effects" of this episode were almost painful! I had to chuckle because my channel had it listed as, "Caribbean Cruise",A salute to the Caribbean, partially shot on a cruise ship." I wonder if they got a discount for never leaving land? The music was great even though Ava Barber's song, 'Love Boat' wasn't from the TV show but the song that Bobby and Elaine danced to was.