Sunday, November 12, 2006

Broadway Musicals

This week's episode is really a fun one, it's from the Golden Age of Welk called "Broadway Musicals" which originally aired on November 27,'s Myron Floren getting the joint jumpin with "With A Little Bit of Luck".

And of course, Myron's talents is not a result of a little bit of luck, but rather the result of practice, practice and hard work!

The orchestra had alot of work tonight....kicking the show off with a medley of songs from The Sound of Music and great instrumentals of "Getting to Know You" and "This Can't Be Love". We also have Cissy & Bobby doing a nice dance to Dancing in the Dark which of course it was with a lot of light to see.

And there were great vocal numbers as well, such as Ken Delo's "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face", Norma Zimmer's inspirational "You'll Never Walk Alone" and Clay Hart's "Try to Remember" from that great Off-Broadway show The Fantastiks.

What 1971 show would not be complete without Sandi & Sally and their rendition of "Put On A Happy Face" which for this blogmeister has no problem with.

The finale of tonight's program has the whole cast in 1920s wear, and my favorite....the girls in flapper dresses, WHO HOO! They performed well with numbers such as "Are You Having Any Fun?" and danced to the Black Bottom. You also had Arthur Duncan doing a dance to "This Is My Lucky Day" and Tanya singing about the Birth of the Blues.

But there are no blues here on this show, it was nothing but 100 percent fun!

Mary Lou Metzger's interview corner was next, and in the hot seat is Norma Zimmer who talked about her family, working in the showbiz with Bing Crosby and Nelson Riddle and her life on the Welk show. She also talked about the heart attack she had after the taping of "Precious Memories" but thankfully....she is doing great. Regretfully, our Champange Lady had to alter her diet, no more ice cream and cheese!

Here's an interesting factoid, one of Norma's first fan letters when she joined the music makers came from the Coz himself, Bill Cosby!

Hope you all had a pleasant Veterans Day weekend so far, let us honor those who have served our country well and never forget.

And for next week, Musicial Family of Nations is on the docket, see you all then!


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