Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New York Show 1958

Last week's show was a repeat, it's a black & white New York show from 1958 with wraparounds hosted by Big Tiny Little...also this broadcast was also the only time the Welk Show aired from New York City itself, so without further's the Maestro to start things off!

The Lennon Sisters were big hits in their Big Apple showing, singing "Sugar Moon" since the show aired on August 2, 1958, it was Kathy Lennon's 15th birthday with everyone singing along wishing her birthday greetings! Champagne Lady Alice Lon was terrfic with her number "More Than You Know" plus great orchestral pieces such as "Row, Row, Row", "It Must Be True" and a medley of Stephen Foster songs got the New Yorkers dancing on bubbles.

Aladdin was busy singing "Volare" plus teamed up with Larry Hooper, Bob Lido, Big Tiny and Jack Martin for "Yakety Yak", one of my favorite 1950s rock songs made famous by The Coasters. The male chorus, including Bob Lido, all joined in for the Beer Barrell Polka which was fun, musical and hilarious. Larry Dean sang " On The Street Where You Live" and Maurice Pearson sang "Galway Bay" and both numbers were well done.

That was the show in a nutshell, Jimmy Roberts and Alice wrapped it all up with "Goodnight Ladies" with Larry Hooper making sure that everyone knew that "Dodge Had A Goodtime Too". It was a fun and nostalgic trip back to the heydays of the 1950s so take care til' next week!

I do believe on many PBS stations, they will air "Vacation Songs" from August 1967 with wraps by Jo Ann Castle, it's a repeat but lets watch it again!



hagybaby said...

How often to you get a Welk show on your stations? I think we're still having fund-raising on my station (I gave my bit) but I'm ready to watch LW again! Also, how do you get your photos from the shows? Love your blog and website!

jbfunky said...

I get the Welk show up to four times on my two PBS stations, Saturdays at 7pm on both WGTE and WBGU, but on Sundays...4pm on WGTE and 6pm on WBGU