Sunday, August 06, 2006

No Welk This Week....It's Pledge Time Again

Found out tonight that there was no Welk in my area was time again for my local PBS station WGTE to run a mini-pledge a-thon, one of the programs was My Music, The Best Of Fifties Pop. The good news was that's the show that had our Mary Lou Metzger co-hosting...

Nice picture eh? I did hear that the featured Welk episode this week was Summer Sounds from 1966...I'll have a review up shortly.

Sad news here in Champagne Land, I found out online that Maxine Grey, who was Lawrence Welk's original Champagne Lady from the mid 1930s passed on less than a month ago, she was 92.

You can read more about it from an article courtesy of the Honolulu Star Bulletin, just CLICK HERE FOR THE OBITUARY


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