Friday, August 11, 2006

Bob Havens

If there's ever the ideal role model for all jazz trombonists all over the world, Bob Havens of Quincy, Illinois has to be the best candidate.

As a member of the Welk orchestra from 1960 to 1982, his style of playing the trombone has won him a legion of fans thanks to the national television exposure of the Lawrence Welk Show and as an idol to many aspiring musicians. It also has led to many oppurtunities playing with Dixieland Jazz and Swing bands in New Orleans, Los Angeles and points in between.

He can also play the marimba, just like Welk castmate Jack Imel, which only serves to demonstrate has diverse musical talents.

Today, he lives in Buies Creek, North Carolina....and coming this November 2nd, he will be performing with fellow Welk alumni Ava Barber in concert at the campus of Campbell University, it's a great way to see his artistry in action!

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