Saturday, November 13, 2010

An Average Day in Andy Williams World where red sweaters never go out of style

The title of this post best sums up my first full day in Branson, with some Champagne thrown in....

So here are the highlights in a nutshell.

Today was Welknotes 10th Anniversary Luncheon at Andy Williams Moon River Grille, where I got to meet my friends from Welknotes.....

....such as my friend Art Oliver with the lovely and talented Ralna English

After that, it was back to the resort for a quick swim and relaxing in the hot tub at Splash-O-Rama and then back to the Andy Williams compound, this time at the Moon River Theatre where the icon himself did his Christmas Show like the ones you used to see on television.

From what I saw tonight, he still has it.

Then it was back to the Moon River Grille for dinner and a nightcap, and musical entertainment by Gail Lennon and the Lennon Brothers.

Now it's time for bed, and more Branson adventures to follow!

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