Sunday, November 14, 2010

Knock Three Times if you think I had a great Saturday in Branson

Today was all about the Lennon Sisters and Tony Orlando, I went to see their Christmas Show at the Champagne Theater.

This was the first time I saw Tony perform live, he is without a doubt the consummate performer, he has the ability to draw the casual audience member into the show with his stage presence and his charisma.

In other words, he was terrific!

So was Kathy, Janet and Mimi....but what was cool is that we got to see the girls at the Lennon Sisters Fan Club hospitality room

Here's the girls tonight on stage....

....and here's Tony, who taught us how to tie yellow ribbons on oak trees

And finally, the Lennons and Tony with a jolly Leon Russell look-a-like in a red suit....

And after some midnight pizza from Domino's, it's off to bed!

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