Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lennonpalooza 2010 - The first 55 years of singing excellence

They all came, related by blood and musical talent....

They are the Lennon Family, at least the ones that make Branson their home.

And they all came, joined by Welknotes and the Lennon Sisters Fan Club for Lennonpalooza 2010 at the Stage Door Canteen at the Welk Resort.

On this autumn Sunday afternoon in the Ozarks, the Lennon Sisters of Kathy, Janet, Mimi, Dee Dee and Peggy joined via the Skype webcam from her home in California were honored by family, friends and fans alike for 55 years of singing and being famous.

There was singing, trivia, fans asking questions, memories, love and a musical guessing game of Stump The Lennons. It was fun for all, with a nice brunch to keep everyone's stomachs happy.

And there was cake too!

I had a great day today, capped off in the evening by a terrific dinner at Mickey Gilley's Texas Cafe, you oughta try their Chicken Fried Steak and the best Chili Con Queso and chips around!

Tomorrow, I began my long journey home where I begin the work on putting the vacation pictures on my webpage.

It was a wunnerful, wunnerful vacation, Branson is truly Heaven on earth.


Nicki said...

So cool. Glad you had an awesome vacation. Can't wait to see the photos. If you link them post the link. I bet you had alot of rest and relaxation at the pool as well.

kregg said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all. I'll have to visit the Welk resort some time in the near future.

Any other former Welk stars there besides the Lennons and Ralna English?

jbfunky said...

Jo Ann Castle came to the Welknotes luncheon Friday at the Moon River Grille, she's doing much better these days