Sunday, March 21, 2010

Salute to Jerome Kern '75

As I write, looks like the NCAA tournament's Champagne Region is taking a beating.

Kathie Sullivan's Wisconsin Badgers lost to Cornell, which leaves just Jim Turner's Tennessee Vols going to the Sweet Sixteen.

So let's take our mind off the basketball and onto this week's Welk classic, a Salute to Jerome Kern from 1975!

Highlights from this week's episode include.....

Tom Netherton audtioning to be on The Dating Game

Barney Liddell taking no prisoners with his trombone action.....

.....only to realize that Bob Havens is taking it one step further.

SALUTE TO JEROME KERN - January 11, 1975

1. WHO? - Mary Lou (Metzger), Gail (Farrell), Sandi, Anacani, Arthur, Jimmy (Roberts), Tom, Ken and Joe
2. I WON'T DANCE - danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King
3. YOU COULDN'T BE CUTER - orchestra with Larry Hooper at the piano 
4. OL' MAN RIVER - orchestra featuring Bob Havens on trombone, Russ Klein on saxophone and Henry Cuesta on clarinet
5. MAKE BELIEVE - Guy Hovis and Ralna English

6. THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE ME - Tom Netherton with Bob Smale at the piano
7. I'VE TOLD EVERY STAR - orchestra
8. A FINE ROMANCE - Tanya Falan
9. THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT - danced by Bobby & Cissy
10. CAN'T HELP SINGING - Sandi Griffiths on lead vocals with Gail, Mary Lou, Anacani and Ralna

11. LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY - orchestra
12. PURE LOVE - Clay Hart
13. MY BILL - Ralna English
14. SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES - orchestra conducted by George Cates

16. THIS SONG IS YOU - Joe Feeney
17. YESTERDAYS - Bob Ralston at the Thomas organ
19. GRANADA - Anacani
20. ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE - the orchestra
21. PICK YOURSELF UP - danced by Arthur Duncan with vocals by Mary Lou, Jimmy, Cissy, Bobby, Clay, Sandi, Ken and Gail

Did you know that Lawrence Welk's estate holds all the publishing rights and royalties to Jerome Kern's work? I guess the Maestro really liked Mr. Kern's music so much that he pulled a Victor Kiam.

Also, Mary Lou mentions at the start of the show that on the day they taped the show, it was her birthday so I'm guessing that tape day was November 13, 1974 and aired about two months later on January 11th of 1975.

So until next week, keep a song in your heart and if you get knocked down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again! 

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mario said...

Dear Jbfunky,
Very wonderful blog!!
I am an italian music collector, and I love over all the Jerome Kern's music. I should be very happy if it is possible to see and have this show. Is it possible?
All the best to you.
Mario Lauretti - Latina (Italy)