Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dancing With The Stars - Season Nine Cast

While my local public stations are taking a pause from regularly scheduled Lawrence Welk the next two weeks with pledge drives, everyone has been inquiring me about DWTS' new lineup for season nine.'s the lineup

PAMELA ANDERSON (She used to run around in a red bathing suit in super slow motion on some show about lifeguards and David Hasselhoff)

BUZZ ALDRIN (Legendary astronaut - That's one small step for man, one giant Paso Doble for mankind)

SHANNEN DOHERTY (90210 witch, Ashley Hamilton's ex-wife)

KATE GOSSELIN (reality TV star, in other words, who cares?)


CHAD OCHOCINCO (Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver in his spare time, full time self promoter)

EVAN LYSACEK (Who again?)

ERIN ANDREWS (ESPN anchor and subject of many college frat boys dreams)

NICOLE SHERZINGER (pop singer from Pussycat Dolls)

AIDEN TURNER (Who? For the third time this post)

Other than Ocho, Pam and Buzz....I'm not really that buzzed up about this season's cast.

That and Lacey Schwimmer is not back as one of the professional dancers.

I'm still hoping for any members of the Maestro's Musical Family to guest in the Macy's Stars of Dance Segment.

I'm also hoping DWTS adds the polka to it's staple of dances.

If that happens, maybe Tom Bergeron should consider this guy as his co-host.

All that would create some buzz again, especially if they have these guys perform the music!

Just my two cents....

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Anonymous said...

Hi JB,

I am another one for some of the Welk stars to appear on DWTS. I am sure if they are not asked then they can't appear. Maybe someone should suggest it to Tom or whoever takes care of that. If you keep in touch with the stars maybe they can get in touch with them over at DWTS. They are live shows but not sure if they already have their Macy's stars lined up yet.