Monday, April 13, 2009

Mondays with Orie Amodeo

One of the many fine musicans from the Silver Champagne era....

Here's Orie playing the clarinet

.....and the saxophone with the boys

Playing the flute with Bill Page....

The pride and joy of Mechanicville, New York!



Bluebirdy said...

Hey Blogmeister, You've done a beautiful job on this blog. Your love and dedication to an age of innocence really shows. I thought I was one of the youngest Welk fans, since it went off the commercial airwaves when I was a little girl, but I didn't think anyone younger than I would appreciate the wonderful music and spirit of the Welk show. You need a blog counter to keep track of your visitors. I was as crazy about this show as you. I would tape it then play the tapes until they wore out and broke! I had separate tapes for each singer. First I just taped it on cassettes (audio) before there were video recorders, and then moved up to video recording when that came out. Wow I was upset as each one grew old and broke. This show was more than just music to me, it was the ideal world! I would have dreams of being part of the Welk family and traveling on a bus with them to concerts. Finally I did get to meet them once in my life backstage in 1991 completing my life-long dream. The guard kept asking if I was Tom Netherton's sister because we look so much alike. I was his first fan letter in 1975 and wrote to him until 1999 when we lost track of each other because we both moved at the same time. He honored me with a phone call a few times in my life, and Norma Zimmer and I were penpals for many years. I lived just a few hours from her in Utah and she kidded me about inviting Tom over for me to visit with for a while, but I was married and didn't want to hurt my husband's feelings. i missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Well you now have a fan too! Keep up the good work!

jbfunky said...

Thnaks! I'm glad I able to bring a little happiness and good times that are needed in this world today.

Drop by again anytime....take care and keep a song in your heart!