Thursday, April 09, 2009

Six Degrees of Gail Farrell

You all know about the world famous Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game based on the small world phenomenon that any actor or famous person can be linked to the famous six degrees or less.

We at Welk Musical Family thought we try that six degrees concept here using one of our music makers.

Here, we'll try to link Gail Farrell

....with teen pop sensations The Jonas Brothers

....and away we go!

1. Gail Farrell appeared on five episodes of the Match Game in 1980 with actor-singer-songwriter Paul Williams on the panel

2. The same Paul Williams appeared in the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit where he played Little Enos Burdette that starred Burt Reynolds cast as the Bandit

3. Later Reynolds starred in the CBS sitcom Evening Shade with Charles Durning....

4. While Durning appeared in the 2004 movie Death and Texas with Billy Ray Cyrus

5. ....who happens to be the father of Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)

6. And both Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are stars on the Disney Channel!

It is a small world after all......


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Gilligan said...

LOVE this... must have more.
I'm sure somehow Welk himself can be linked to the dreaded cast of High School Musical.

Great stuff!