Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ballad of the Aldridge Sisters

Doing my best (or some say worst) Flatt and Scruggs....lemme tell 'ya a story about two girls named Sheila and Sherry.

This is how the Aldridge Sisters got on the Lawrence Welk Show.

Back in the spring of 1977, sisters Sheila and Sherry sang locally around their home in Knoxville, Tennessee. They got wind that Lawrence Welk and his Music Makers were going to perform in concert in Nashville.

They bought their tickets, and convinced their boyfriends to drive them to the show with hopes of meeting Mr. Welk. One problem was their seats were way up in the balcony....up in the nosebleed section.

Undeterred, they were able to meet the Maestro during intermission....in which they were able to audition for him after the show. He liked them and their sound but told them there weren't any openings on the show, but did tell them call him if they were ever in Los Angeles.

Encouraged, they flew out there a week later, and sung for the Maestro again. This time they used the popular ABBA hit "Fernando". Lawrence told them they were terrfic, but there were still no openings on the show.

Undaunted, they tried three more times....earning enough money from their singing gigs for airfare and to audition. It was the same old story, he liked their act but there was just no openings.

Finally, on their third visit....the were surprised that Lawrence and the staff were expecting them. He told them that Tanya had left the show to pursue a solo career so there was a opening for a guest spot. The girls sung "All I Have To Do is Dream" which in the Maestro's own words from his 1979 book "This I Believe" was beautiful, every note refined and pure with perfect harmony and rendition truly fine.

Lawrence and the production staff agreed, Sheila and Sherry should appear on the opening show of the 1977-78 season. He asked them and as one would say, the rest is history!


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Keith said...

It shows that persistence can pay off.