Saturday, April 25, 2009

Six Degrees of Gail Farrell #3

Just saw Gail this morning on a episode of Match Game.

That's an excuse to do another six degrees with her, and today we'll try to link the lovely Miss Farrell......

.....with former NFL quarterback Neil Lomax

1. Lomax's head coach for three years with the Cardinals was Gene Stallings

2. Stallings spent fourteen years with the Dallas Cowboys as an assistant coach to Tom Landry

3. Landry was good friends with and spoke at the many crusades of the Reverend Billy Graham

4. Rev. Graham also had Norma Zimmer appear and sing at one of his crusades

5. And of course, Norma is the Maestro's Champagne Lady....alongside fellow music maker Gail Farrell!

Only five degrees this time....I'm getting good at this


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Gilligan said...

What's awesome is that you have now established a connection between Tom Landry and Charles Nelson Reilly!