Sunday, March 01, 2009

Welk Stars Through The Years

It's been a great weekend so far....I just bought myself a new laptop.

That enabled me to watch the new Welk pledge special I taped last night at work!

Broadcast in Glorious HD! With Mary Lou Metzger as your host.

The special features 18 of your favorite Music Makers from the show with vinatge pictures and footage, and to answer your inquiries....Orie Amodeo, Dave Edwards, Dick Kesner nor the Semonski Sisters were not one of them.

Anacani, was one of the stars featured....and about 99.9 % of the footage used were from the previous Welk pledge specials.

The real treat were the rare still photographs provided by the music makers and their families. Like this picture above of Myron Floren and his wife Berdyne from the 1940s.

And some of the other stills include shots from the show, like this one of Arthur Duncan dancing.

It was quite different and pleasant watching it in HD. The special itself was excellent and well-produced. I'm already looking forward to the follow up special, maybe where Sandi Griffiths, Gail Farrell, The Blenders and the Aldridge Sisters would be featured.

Oh, and did I mention I got me a new laptop?


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