Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sandi & Sally

These girls are one of my personal favorite musical acts who have appeared on the Welk Show.

Sandi Griffiths and Sally Flynn....better known as Sandi & Sally!

During the swinging sixties.....Sally was spelled with an "i" at the end so they were also known as Sandi & Salli

Whatever the name, this duo made sweet music that was popular with Welk fans from the late 60s to the early 70s!

Fresh out of Brigham Young University, their first appearance on the Welk Show came on January 6, 1968. Their first number? "Zippity Doo Dah"

They, along with Tanya Falan, Andra Willis and Lynn Anderson joined that season as charter members of the "Champagne Sorority Sisters" referring to the young, talented and pretty girl singers hired as successors to the departing Lennon Sisters. They also sang the "newer hip rhythm songs" that the young people liked.

Among Sandi & Sally's popular song selections were "Windy", "So Nice", "My Guy" and "Chason De' Amour".

Their fame expanded worldwide with their 1969 release of their album, Lawrence Welk presents The Now Sound of Sandi & Salli by Ranwood Records.

Among the selections include "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head", "We'll Make It To The Moon", "Help Yourself" and "Everybody's Talkin"....all popular cover versions of hit 60s pop!

I do know that the record is rare, and it's only available to my knowledge in vinyl only. You can try ebay or your local record shop (kinda like Car City Records) to find a copy.

Like all the other music makers, Sandi & Sally can sing all sorts of musical genres, such as country (I've Been Everywhere), big band (Sentimental Journey), George Gershwin (Do Do Do), patriotic (Strike Up The Band) and novelty songs (The Music Goes 'Round - And It Comes Out Here).

Sally left the show in the middle of the 1972-73 season to pursue a solo singing career.....she and Sandi made their last appearance together on the January 13, 1973 episode titled "Salute To Mexico" in which they sang "Walkin' In The Sunshine".

They have reunited on camera professionally for wraparounds on public television and specials such as "Milestones and Memories".

Any Welk fan would agree that a song sung by Sandi & Sally is like a ray of sunshine!



Belén said...

Thank you for the article on this wonderful duo. They are a ray of sunshine in the days sometimes grises.Gracias. Try to get the vinyl.

SpectroPluto said...

I got that album! And it's signed by Moren Floren! I found it at a Salvation Army :)

I posted a pic of it along with my other finds on my deviant art account.