Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poll results and then some

The polls have closed here on Welk Musical Family, and here are the results....

Out of 45 total votes, your most favorite talent demonstrated by Jo Ann Castle on the Welk Show is......

.....those ragtime piano solos at a whopping 73% (33 total votes).

Followed by her accordion duets with Myron Floren at 13% (six votes)

Rounding out the rest is her novelty numbers at 11% (5 votes) and dancing with the fellas at 2% (1 vote).

Tonight is when my PBS affliate airs the new Welk pledge special titled "Welk Stars - Through The Years". Thank goodness I'll be taping it because I won't be able to watch it until at least Sunday evening (work, work, work!)

I'm looking forward to seeing it myself, and adding my two cents.

After you watch it, don't forget to vote in my latest new poll!


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