Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving 1973

Thanksgiving is almost here, so what better way to celebrate than champagne style with the Salute to Thanksgiving show from November 1973?

This is the first time I got to see this episode, and all the numbers were done's a sampling.

Here's the gang opening the show with "Home For The Holidays".

Next, Guy & Ralna serve up some holiday cheer with, "Y'all Come!"

Up on the stage is Ken Delo in the solo spotlight with "My Cup Runneth Over".

And here's Anacani singing the ever popular Latin standard, "Besame Mucho"....

How about a rousing polka? Myron Floren and the fellas have the answer with the Jenny Lind Polka!

Other fantastic numbers include Tanya's "What The World Needs Is Love, Sweet Love", Bobby & Cissy dancing to "Somewhere My Love", the band's instrumental arrangement of "Winter Wonderland", Clay Hart asking you to "Try A Little Kindness" and "Bless This House" sung by Norma Zimmer.

Also, all the ladies sang "Count Your Blessings" with Sandi Griffiths on lead vocal.

And speaking of Sandi......

She was interviewed this week by Mary Lou Metzger, where she talked about her family which included husband Brent, her father who lives in Utah and her children. In addition to some of her memories on the Welk show, Sandi also talked about getting her Masters at BYU, where she is studying herbology and the gospel of eating "live" foods for a healthier life!

Next week, we're getting the "Southern Show" from the 1960s.....keep a song in your heart and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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dustin said...

This was a great episode. Everything was well done. I especially liked "Try A Little Kindness" which Mary Lou Metzger kept calling ''Try A Little Tenderness''.