Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's pledge time again.....

That time of year has arrived again, public television stations are doing their pledge drives......nuts.

Which means alot of upcoming new Welk episodes will be pre-empted for special fund-raising programs and repeats.....double nuts.

And I just checked my local PBS station's schedule, they just did an about-face and will not air "Salute To Johnny Mercer" this Saturday.....triple nuts!

I know that funds from such drives like these are the lifeblood for any PBS station in America (I know because I've pledged my fair share every month, considering I do not make a ton of money), but that does not mean the station should give upcoming new Welk episodes the heave-ho.

I mean, is there really any incentive to give more $$$ if they continue this policy?

Just air the new shows as scheduled....and then you can air the Welk-related pledge specials afterwards, that's what I would do!

And Mary Lou Metzger would agree with that logic!


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