Tuesday, November 27, 2007

December shows and "Stars" finale

According to OETA, the schedule of upcoming shows (Johnny Mercer on Dec 1st, Musical Tour of the US on Dec 8th, Winter on Dec 15th, Christmas on Dec 22nd and Tour of Southern California on Dec 29th) are all new and hopefully, I would be to see them.

The problem is, many affliates like mine.....December is usually public TV fund raising drives which means many of these shows will get pre-empted.

Overall, I think OETA does a good job with the Welk franchise, but for once.....could they schedule the shows other than these busy pledge drive periods?

And now the latest from "Dancing With The Stars", last night's show may have decided the outcome which is to be announced on the results show.

Personally, I think Heilo Castroneves will win....he personifies the spirit of the show, and has won many new fans with his personality.

Scary Spice did will with her two dances, but not well enough to win the fans' vote....can you spell "professional dancer" boys and girls?

As for Marie Osmond, I think this is the end of the line for her.....what the hell was the routine she danced to in the freestyle round?

Whoever wins tonight, one thing is for sure.....judge Len Goodman looks alot like Sam the Eagle.


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