Sunday, March 04, 2007

TV Treasures....a real gem!

I have twice watched the all-new special "Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures" and from this blogmeister's perspective, the program really lives up to it's name!

There are plenty of milestones and memories to choose let's begin.

Part one deals with the origins of the show and it's star, Lawrence Welk as told by his son, Larry Jr. He talks about the beginning of the Welk Show, complete with vintage clips of the very first show broadcasted on the musicians were also talented singers...complete with interviews with Dick Dale and Rocky Rockwell....and how the Lennon Sisters became regulars, which led them to being stars!

There's also a neat clip from 1958 where 18-year old Larry Jr got to lead the band, which gave clairinet player Pete Fountain a good chuckle!

Part Two deals with the popularity of the show, and how the musical family became objects of attention of many popular celebrity fan magazines, such as TV Picture Life and Photo Play just to name a fact, I have several of those magazines in my collection....especially the ones that have the Maestro and his music makers on the cover!

They also touch on the marriages between certain music Bobby Burgess & Kristie Floren, Peggy Lennon & Dick Cathcart and Mary Lou Metzger & Richard Maloof, we also get to see rare clips like the episode where Guy & Ralna first show Julie's baby pictures...singing to "You Light Up My Life".

Part Three deals with the behind-the-scenes aspect of the show, in where Dee Dee and Janet Lennon talk about that the show was first done live and later when it was done on tape...with some great insight from Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel. And don't forgot about those crazy, colorful outfits they wore! Rose Weiss, the show's costumer, goes into detail about that.

They also aired a clip of the Lennon Sisters singing, "Up Up And Away"....I have got to find what album they recorded that song on!

And finally in Part Four, we look into some of the comedic numbers and hi-jinks from the the gang's rendition of "The Lawrence Welk-Hee Haw Counter-Revolution Polka", Rocky Rockwell's rendition of "Sadie Brown" and Ken Delo splitting his pants on the 1975 Halloween show!

And of course, they discussed about the end of the regular series, which aired on April 17, 1982 (it was taped on February 5th birthday by the way) and how the show's popularity has endured to this day....on public television.

It was a wunnerful show...I did phone in to pledge a hundred smackers to my local PBS affiliate which means in a few weeks....I'll get the TV Treasures photo memory book.

Next week, Ralna English's From My Heart will air....I'm thinking of ordering her cookbook with my forthcoming pledge.....see you all next week!



shirleygrrl said...
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shirleygrrl said...

"Up, Up And Away" was on the Lennon Sisters' "On The Groovy Side" album. :)

Enjoyed your recap. I too thought it was a terrific show. Obviously the Lennon Sisters parts were the highlight for me, but I really enjoyed Rocky Rockwell's memories. Mary Lou's story about bruising herself with the spoons made me laugh.

To me, Ralna was a little too effusive with the "Lawrence was always right" comment, but Larry Welk maintained the perfect balance of praise and honesty throughout. That's my two cents anyway.

Anonymous said...

OK, on my station, they kept showing teasers of bonus video if you pledge.

One of those clips was a blonde gal, with the cutest smile, singing a ditty in French.

Who is that, and what is she singing?!?


jbfunky said...

I believe you were referring to Janet Lennon in the number, "The French Lesson" with Aladdin