Thursday, March 08, 2007


The Live Lawrence Welk Show kicks off in about three weeks time, and I can hardly wait!

Recently, I have been having these dreams in my sleep about meeting the music makers in person after the show....thinking about what to talk about and then some. My biggest fear is that, and thank god that has never actually happened, I would say something about whatever and one of music makers would get upset or angry about someone or something.

Have you ever had such anxiety about matters like that? The very last thing anyone would want on their mind is their last up-close experience with a music maker to be a negative matter.....especially if it wasn't intended to be that result.

Many of these dreams are very pleasant ones, such as if I were on the show either as a musician or sitting in the studio audience....and getting to be friends with the cast. Or when the show is out on the road, with the many adventures that come with touring!

Now I know where the "pleasant dreams" part comes from in the "Adios" closing song.

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