Sunday, March 25, 2007

Behind The Scenes with our Musical Family

Were back with regular weekly Welk episodes! This week is a classic, Behind The Scenes with our Musical Family from 1981, and the wraparounds are hosted by Mary Lou Metzger with a special cameo appearance by Richard Maloof.

Here's the gang with the opening number, "Teamwork."

This is one of my favorite later Welk shows, it shows the versitility of the music makers which make for great numbers and skits. Anacani, being an expert seamstress along with her singing talents, shows off her fine red dress in "The Lady In Red" while Mary Lou teams up with Jack Imel in top hats and tails for "Top Hat and Tails". Also, we have Elaine Niverson (Balden) and Bobby Burgess teaching everyone how to dance....which at the end, comes complete with a nice blast from the past!

Take it from these two, learning to dance is both easy and fun!

The band did very well with instrumentals, with "You Gotta Have Heart" being the most notable. Ken Delo is clowning around with "What Kind Of Fool Am I?" and you have the Aldridges and Otwells at their best with "One Of These Songs" where at the end, Sheila shows off her stuff...and gets the hook!

Always the matinee idol, Tom Netherton is surround by the ladies wearing exotic costumes from the Ice Follies known as the "Big Uglies" in the number, "A Pretty Girl" and later, the ladies play receptionists on the job, and not on a coffee break, with "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter."

Guy & Ralna came up with another musical gem with one of their favorites, "You Are My Best Friend" and the band, under George Cates direction, plays "Send In The Clowns." The show closes in fine style with "Applause, Applause" complete with a quick change of wardrobe and of course, applause!

That's all for this week....just two days until the Live Lawrence Welk Show comes to town!

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shirelygrrl said...

Thanks for the recap. My PBS station is still doing pledges, so we got a repeat of the TV Treasures show. I'm kinda miffed the pledge drive interuppted the previous week's ep with The Lennons doing a wraparound. I would've liked to have seen that one.

Have fun at the show.