Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Great Gershwin '72

Hello again fellow Welkies!

This past weekend, we got the second-to-last "new" episode of the season, a musical salute to the works of George Gershwin which originally aired in 1972.

And let's go to the highlights!

Clay Hart wears a cowboy hat.....

Ralna gives Guy the evil eye.....

.....and Tanya flirts with Buddy Merrill.

THE GREAT GERSHWIN - November 11, 1972

1. OF THEE I SING - Ken, Mary Lou, Bobby, Cissy, Gail, Dick, Tanya , Jimmy, Ralna & Guy
2. I GOT RHYTHM - tap danced by Arthur Duncan
4. RHAPSODY IN BLUE - Bob Ralston at the piano

6. THE MAN I LOVE - danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King
7. LET'S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF - Guy Hovis and Ralna English
8. DO, DO, DO - Sandi Griffiths and Sally Flynn
9. SOMEBODY LOVES ME - the orchestra
10. BIDIN' MY TIME - Clay Hart (also on guitar)

11. I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU - Tanya Falan with Buddy Merrill on guitar
12. SWANEE - Jimmy Roberts with Neil Levang on banjo, Bob Ralston at piano, Richard Maloof on tuba and Jack Imel on spoons
13. SUMMERTIME - Joe Livoti on violin with Bob Ralston at the Thomas organ
14. MINE - Dick Dale with Gail Farrell and Mary Lou Metzger

15. LADY BE GOOD - Henry Cuesta on clarinet with Neil Levang on guitar, Richard Maloof on bass and Johnny Klein on drums
16. LIZA - Myron Floren on the PAN accordion
17. LOVED WALKED IN - Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston at piano
18. S'WONDERFUL - Bob Havens on trombone with Bob Smale at piano and featuring Arthur, Cissy, Bobby, Mary Lou, Dick, Gail, Norma, Jimmy, Guy, Ralna, Tanya and Ken

Once again, the Music Makers hit another one out of the park with a fine hours' worth of music and entertainment.

Henry Cuesta had just joined the orchestra as the Lawrence's featured clarinet player, and even though he jokingly chided him about getting a haircut, you can tell that the Maestro really thought the world of Henry and his musical talents.

And up until Henry's passing in 2003, fans like myself shared the Maestro's sentiments.

On a lighter note, I thought Tanya's rendition of "I've Got a Crush On You" was cute. One can only imagine what thoughts ran through Buddy Merrill's head.

Oh well, until next time, remember to keep a song in your heart and while you say oysters, I say errsters!




Nicki said...

This was a good show. I missed quite a few new shows this past year and all next year will be the same ones from this year. I love seeing Tanya and what hairdo she will have on. I guess it will be awhile again before they get new shows for us viewers. I will try to catch the ones I missed when the year rolls around again. Thanks JB for the updates on the Welk Stars. I can't imagine what it is like to meet them in person over the years.

Albert Giesbrecht said...

Henry Cuesta was playing in Lounges and bars in the Vancouver area, a few years before he died. My dad was excited, even brought home a poster announcing his appearance at the Woods Pub.