Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yet another post that's One Toke Over The Line

Mainly because today is 4/20.....

From what I heard it's a national holiday for those who smoke the "wacky weed."

And by the way, I do not smoke that stuff or advocate the use of that stuff.

What you choose to do is your own personal responsibility.

That being said, I once again drag up the subject that is Dick Dale and Gail Farrell's cover of Brewer & Shipley's hit song "One Toke Over The Line".

Somehow, and this is just my opinion only, I think many members of the Musical Family really knew the true meaning of that song's lyrics.

And believe me, it ain't religious, even if the Maestro says it's a 'Modern Day Spiritual'.

If you've seen the video on You Tube, you noticed when Myron Floren was introducing the number, he coughs midway....

Maybe he knew something, or not, or he's just clearing his throat....

But it does add a bit of mystery and myth to this classic moment in music history though.

Once again, in "celebration" of this phenomenon known as 4/20, here's the number again for all to enjoy!


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