Friday, April 15, 2011

Champagne Book of the Month Club: Recipes for Remembrance

Getting hungry?

Tired of the same old dishes for dinner?

Need new ideas to sink your teeth into?

All this can be answered with this book of the month for April!

First published in 1985, and again in 2002....this book is a collection of personal recipes from members of the Musical Family complied by Cinda Goold Redman (Michael Redman's wife) and Jo Berry. Jack Imel's Sugar Cream Pie, Kenny Trimble's Black-Eyed Peas, Dick Dale's Beef Ribs, Gail Farrell's Veal Piccata are one of many tasty dishes featured in the book.

And of course, the Maestro himself, Lawrence Welk has his famous Chicken N' Dumplin's recipe as well!

I guarantee that there is a recipe that suits anyone's different taste, and is a great way to spice up breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And overall, make this featured book of the month worth reading!

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