Sunday, January 02, 2011

Salute to some animated mouse with a high pitched voice

On the first Saturday, of the very first day of 2011....we got the Disney episode from '73

"I'm Charlie!"

Yes you are indeed.....

If you're feeding the pigeons, just plain ol' birdseed won't cut it.

Ken Delo may ask his daughter Kimberly "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" but after spending hours in that wolf costume, I'm afraid of that fella's body odor.

....and a message to all parents, it's not a good idea to have your kids wear these outfits on their first day of Junior High.


Chelsea said...

I love Charlie's hat. He looks funny and he's very cool :D

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Daniel said...

It wasn't a great idea to have Cissy and Mary Lou wear them as grown adults. What those girls would agree/subject themselves to in order to stay on that show is incredible. Still, they claim to this day to have loved their time on the LW show. So maybe Lawrence had a sort of charm that made those kind of outfits forgivable.