Friday, January 14, 2011

Bringing back suffrage.....a brand new poll!

Democracy has returned to Welk Musical!

Actually, for the first time in over a year....I have a new poll ready for your voice to be heard.

And here's the question....

Which of the acts from the Welk Show you like to see cover Beyonce's hit song "Single Ladies?"

Just in case you not's the video for the song that is very popular with the young folks.

Now imagine that same song being performed on the Lawrence Welk Show, sung straight up, Champagne style.

Here are your choices......

1. Bob Lido and the Hotsy Totsy Boys

2. Jack Imel, Bobby Burgess and Arthur Duncan

3. The Trio of Gail, Sandi and Mary Lou

You can cast your ballot over on the right side of this blog.



Nicki said...

That would be cool if those ladies would do that song next time they perform somewhere. JB, next time you are at a Welk event and there are a bunch of ladies from the Welk show maybe you can suggest to them that they do the song. I would love to see a video of that on you tube.

jbfunky said...

Here are the final poll results....

1. Sandi, Gail & Mary Lou (57%)
2. The Hotsy Totsy Boys (28%)
3. Bobby Burgess, Jack Imel & Arthur Duncan (17%)

28 total votes