Monday, January 03, 2011

Bob Smale's obituary at the Los Angeles Times

For those who just started reading this blog, one of the famed Music Makers, pianist and arranger Bob Smale passed away last November at the age of 79.

His obituary is now online at the LA Times, you can go there to read it, leave your condolences and watch a well done and moving memorial video put together by his daughter Margaret.


Anonymous said...

That was a great tribute to her dad. She compiled segments from the shows over the years into a video. It was nice that she put in those years with her and her siblings singing on the show. The end was kind of sad. I almost didn't recognize him as he didn't look well and he has aged. May he rest in peace.

parsecsam said...

I was watching the Lawrance Welk Show and watching Bob Smale, one of my favorites. I had the good fortune to meet him when I was managing a female singer who was working with him when she asked me to manage her. Bob was a wonderful man. I couldn't believe he was working with her. I had her booked in Gio's on Sunset Blvd.; Bob accompanied her. She was doing fine until she started working with a "drama" instructor who sent her off to nether land. I could no longer work with her and felt bad about leaving Bob. She totally ruined the act I wrote for her. I knew it was the end and left. I was saddened to read Bob had passed away. And even more so after watching Whitney Houston's funeral service this morning. Boob, if you meet up with Whitney, there is no one could accompany her any better than you. I hope I connect with you when I leave this planet in a couple of years.