Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Classic episodes: Viva Italia '76

Today, we'll look back at one of the most interesting and fun episodes in the history of the Lawrence Welk Show.

It's Viva Italia, the Bicentennial version!

And in this show, Tanya co-hosts with the Maestro!

VIVA ITALIA - December 11, 1976

1. THAT'S AMORE - Tanya with Kathie, Larry, Anacani, Arthur, Ava, Tom, Norma, Joe, Ken & Jamie Corey
2. CIRIBIRIBIN - Johnny Zell on trumpet
3. AMORE (MY LOVE) - Tom Netherton
4. MELODY OF LOVE - Joe Livoti on violin, danced by Lawrence and Barbara Boylan
6. EH CUMPARI - Tanya Falan with Charlie Parlato (on trumpet), Bob Lido (on violin), Russ Klein on saxophone and Frank Morocco on accordion
7. ISLE OF CAPRI - Ken Delo with Bob Havens on trombone, Henry Cuesta on clarinet and Johnny Zell on trumpet
8. AMINA CORE - Anacani
9. TARENTELLA - Frank Morocco on accordion, danced by Tanya and Barbara and reprised by Lawrence and Tanya's grandmother
10. BIG NOISE FROM WINNETKA - Charlie Parlato on trumpet with sons Chris on drums and Dave on bass
11. SAY IT AGAIN - Ava Barber
12. COPPELIA - the orchestra

13. A GOLFING SEGMENT starring Lawrence, guest Laura and announcer Bob Warren
15. THEME FROM LA STRADA - orchestra featuring Johnny Zell on trumpet, Dave Edwards on saxophone and Joe Livoti on violin
16. CARNIVAL OF VENICE - danced by Arthur Duncan
17. ARRIVEDERCI ROMA - Joe Feeney with Bob Smale at piano
18. OH, HOW MY HEART BEATS TONIGHT WHILE WE'RE DANCING - The Semonski Sisters with Frank Morroco at the accordion, danced by Lawrence and Barbara
19. ADIOS, AU REVOIR, AUF WEIDERSHEN - Semonski Sisters, Norma, Joe, Tanya, Barbara, Ken, Kathie, Tom, Ava, Larry, Jamie, Anacani and Arthur

Notice that many of the regulars we're used to didn't appear on this episode?

For those keeping score, here's who were missing in action....

Guy Hovis
Ralna English
Myron Floren
Bobby Burgess
Cissy King
Gail Farrell
Sandi Griffiths
Mary Lou Metzger
Jimmy Roberts
Jack Imel

I'm guessing that they were all out on tour at the time....

Regardless, this episode featured a mix of familiar and new faces like Barbara Boylan (Bobby's first dance partner), talented accordionist Frank Morocco and family members like Tanya's grandma and Charlie Parlato's grown boys Dave and Chris, both whom are very talented musicians in their own right.

And knowing this episode would be different, the Maestro could not resist getting in a game of golf with that segment featuring his guest, a pretty lady named Laura.

This episode later resurfaced on the public television rotation twenty five years later in 2001 with Tanya hosting the wraparound segments.

And it was also Tanya playing first time host, where we Welk fans caught up with her since her days on the show.

I really enjoyed this episode, sometimes it doesn't hurt to stray from the normal routine and mix things up.

So until next time, keep a song in your heart and to brush up on my Italian, Ciao!


kregg said...

Was that Laura Baugh in the golfing segment?

Anonymous said...

It really lacked the stars that were not in this show.