Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Champagne Five - Musical Family Cameos We Like To See

We all know that addition to their regular appearances on the Lawrence Welk Show, the Musical Family have appeared on other popular television programs and game shows.

Examples include Gail Farrell as a panelist on Match Game

...and who can forget Ken Delo appearing with Lucille Ball on Here's Lucy?

Picture courtesy of Ken

And of course there's Tanya on General Hospital, Arthur Duncan on Diagnosis Murder, Lawrence Welk on the Jack Benny Program and so forth.

On this latest version of the Champagne Five, I present my top five television programs in which I would love to see tailor made for any of the Champagne Music Makers to do a cameo appearance, guest starring role or celebrity contestant in....

So with AFTRA's blessing, here's the list.

1. THE $10,000/$20,000/$25,000 PYRAMID - Have Ken Delo and Mary Lou Metzger as the celebrity contestants for the week

2. THE DUKES OF HAZZARD - Fans of the show remember Boss Hogg's Celebrity Speed Traps, usually the celebrities are well known country singers. Ava Barber could be latest to sing at the Boar's Nest in order to have her traffic citation forgiven.

3. THREE'S COMPANY - Sheila and Sherry Aldridge could both star as Jack, Janet and Chrissy's newest next door neighbors.

4. SANFORD AND SON - Tom Netherton and Arthur Duncan both appear as performers at a nightclub where Fred, Bubba and Grady are patrons.

5. THE ROCKFORD FILES - Gail Farrell could guest star as one of Jim Rockford's latest clients.

The possibilities are endless, so don't be surprised if a second version of this particular Champagne Five appears in the near future.

Now where's is this week's TV Guide? I gotta find out who's on what this week.


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kregg said...

What's the story behind the answer Gail is holding up on "Match Game"? I bet Gene Rayburn got a kick out of it! And Ken Delo on "I Love Lucy" -- how old was he? 18?