Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lynn Anderson - Nacho Mama

In addition to being a world famous country singer and equestrian (that's horseback rider), Champagne Music Maker Lynn Anderson is also one terrific cook!

Especially when it comes to Tex Mex dishes hence the nickname "Nacho Mama"

The following is from an 2003 episode of Lorraine Crook's Country Kitchen show recently on RFD-TV where the other half of Crook & Chase learns from the Nacho Mama herself some of her favorite dishes.

Here she makes a serving of Trout Dip which is followed by Macadamia Trout.

And if you're wondering, Lynn loves to go trout fishing as well...

Here is another fishy dish, Red Letter Trout

Now we go to the Tex Mex dishes!

So let's start off with what else...a nice cup of Nacho Mama Salsa

And to top it all off, a dish Lynn likes to call "Carburetor Burritos" filled with....yes trout

Still pining for that Rose Garden?

I didn't think so.

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Nicki said...

Hi JB,

Thanks for posting this on LA. She looks awesome. I wouldn't recognize her otherwise. I loved when she was on LW. I have also seen her on Hee Haw but never on Crook and Chase. Thanks for sharing this.