Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday Morning here in Toledo

Morning everybody,

It's been pretty cold here in my neck of the woods....starting to feel like winter compared to last month, I just got a brand new overcoat that is very flexible....has a fleece underneath when things are not frigid, as a ton of pockets and you can take the sleeves off to wear as a vest.....pretty cool huh?

I'm going to do some maintenance on the webpage, that includes adding some new pictures on some pages....stuff to keep webmasters like myself pretty busy.

The Stranahan Theater responded to my email, they are working on bringing the Live Lawrence Welk Show in for March....keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen. I hear this year will be a great show, and I would love to see them...without having to drive 450 miles to Wisconsin Dells (where the show has confirmed playing on March 31st).

Talk to you guys later....will have this week's episode reviewed either late tonight or on Sunday morning.

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