Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Pretty Girl

This week's episode is a black and white classic, titled "A Pretty Girl" which originally aired May 27, 1961. Here's the Maestro getting the show started by introducing the opening number, "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody".

The orchestra was in fine form that Saturday night, with excellent instrumentals such as "Love Those Eyes", "Poor People of Paris", "Cumana" and "Yellow Bird" which that year, became the band's second huge hit....after Calcutta of course.

Speaking of "Poor People of Paris", here's Jerry Burke and Frank Scott below with their excellent fingerwork on the keyboards during that song!

Larry Hooper sang his signature hit, "Oh Happy Day" plus joined the fellows with "Spring, Spring Spring". Jimmie Roberts was super with his rendition of "Bluebird of Happiness" and Jo Ann Castle showed off her artistry at the piano with a honky tonk version of "Baby Face".

Tonight's special guest star was teen idol Pat Boone, here's the Booner with Lawrence along with Orie Amodeo's daughter, Lois, getting ready to sing his huge hit at the time, "Moody River".

Not to be outdone, Jack Imel was at the marimbas with "Lover" and showed off his fancy footwork with a dance or two. Myron Floren also entertained the crowds with the "Hot Foot Polka" and the Lennon Sisters were featured twice, first as Scots in the number "Darlin' Maggie" and with Aladdin being taught "The Music Lesson" with the help of Kenny Trimble at trombone, Bill Page at flute, Johnny Klien at the snare drum, Buddy Hayes on bass, Jack Imel at the cymbals and Bob Lido with Bernard Kundell on violin.

Since this latest offering from OETA was one under the end-of-the-show interview format, Mary Lou Metzger's music maker in the hot seat this week was Janet Lennon. She talked about growing up in the Lennon family, and in the Musical Family as well, plus her adventure with guest star Pat Boone when they both went to a carnival, and the hilarity the followed on the ferris wheel!

That's all for this week...stay warm and keep a song in your heart!



shirleygrrl said...

As a Lennon Sisters fan I was a little disappointed by their solo number - it just didn't do anything for me. But I greatly enjoyed Janet's interview at the end. She's a delightfully, down to earth woman. When she got choked up speaking about her mom, I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed.

Happy to have found your blog!

hagybaby said...

I love your blog. Who needs the TV Guide?