Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time Was

Relax kids....Daylight Savings Time is not until March 11th (The Maestro's birthday)...but instead it's time for this week's Welk episode, "Time Was" from April 29, 1967.

Here are the ladies getting things started with "Grandfather's Clock".

Now that's what I call a timely piece...heh heh.

Anyway, this week's show is full of musical gems, such as "Time On My Hands" by Steve Smith, "Love's Sweet Old Song" by Natalie Nevins and "One O' Clock Jump" danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan.

The orchestra has plenty of gems in their own right, with instrumentals of "Slowpoke", "And We Were Lovers" and "Easy To Love". Frank Scott, the show's resident pianist, harpischordist and arranger is showcased alot on this show, he is featured on three numbers.

We also hear from Myron Floren paired with Jack Imel on the coconuts with the "Tic Tock Polka" and Lawrence mentions that for this number alone, Jack is being paid double scale!

Heck, I wouldn't taking up the coconuts if it meant being paid that much!

The Maestro's special guest star for tonight's show is country music legend Charley Pride, he along with steel guitarist Lloyd Green are featured in two numbers, "Just Between You And Me" and "Lovesick Blues".

Lawrence really had a knack for finding great talent, as you all know Charley went on to be one of the world's greatest country singers.

Jo Ann Castle, Jack Imel, Charlie Parlato, Bob Lido and Bobby Burgess next found themselves at the local grocery store for a humorous piece titled "Now's The Time To Fall In Love"....and I might add that should be worth a few green stamps.

The Lennon Sisters, dressed like Andy Capp, sang "Georgy Girl" which was a huge pop hit during that time.

Arthur Duncan danced away his thing with "Stop Time", made possible by arranger Curt Ramsey....and to finish up the show, the gang makes a plea for "Five Minutes More"....but that suggestion fell on deaf's time for the show to end!

This episode had one of Mary Lou Metzger's interview segements, and it was Jo Ann Castle in the hot seat. Jo Ann mentioned that while on tour back in the sixties, she and tenor Joe Feeney were in Great Falls, Montana at a local club and saw tonight's guest, Charley Pride, singing. Knowing he was good, they recommended him to the Maestro and of course....the rest was history.

Next week, the show will be "A Pretty Girl" from 1961; stay safe and have a happy Martin Luther King day everyone!



annibee said...

I had this show saved on PVR and enjoyed it lots. But, could you please let me know the name of the fella who sang grandfahers clock? He reminds me of one of the gentlemen who sing on the Gaither Gospel Hour.
Thanks, a fan from Canada,

jbfunky said...

The gentleman you're referring to is Larry Hooper