Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meet Our Musical Family

This week, our hosts Larry Welk Jr and his sons Larry the Third, Kevin and Jeffrey bring us Meet Our Musical Family, which originally aired March 12,'s Larry Hooper who is about to sing his signature tune, "Oh Happy Day".

In fact, this week show is all about signature tunes.....starting things off with the cast singing "I Believe In Music", followed by Bob Ralston playing his signature "Cumana" on his piano. We also have Tanya Falan singing, "You Make Me Feel So Young" which ironically, was the first number she ever sang for the maestro. And of course, this show would not be complete wth Bobby & Cissy dancing to some Calcutta with some backing from Gail, Sandi & Mary Lou.

And of couse there's Myron Floren at the squeezebox, which is always very nice.

The Semonski Sisters do their rendition of "It's A Small World" and Kathie Sullivan, who at the time of this show is the new kid on the block, sings "My Bill" which was the tune she first sang for Mr. Welk.

Ken Delo does a little audience participation with "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" going back to his time in Australia (he was part of the Delo and Daly comedy team that was big down under in the 1960s) and the cast did a rousing instrumental of "Carmen's Boogie".

It was a brilliant show, from top to finish....we had a chance to meet Larry Jr's three sons and their families, especially Jeff, the next generation. Don't forget that there is another episode next week as always....and like the others, should be a good one!

And don't forget, the family that blows bubbles together...stays together.


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