Monday, October 09, 2006

Bang The Drum Slowly.....

For any band, like the Lawrence Welk orchestra, it's needs a good drummer to give it that extra rhythm sound we all like. The Music Makers throughout their history, have been blessed with two terrfic and talented drummers, Johnny Klein and Paul Humphrey.

Johnny, of course, was also known as the maestro's second cousin. He played the sticks from 1951 to 1976, and later served as the band's music librarian. He was also quite a scholar, graduating with university degrees from both the University of Missouri and Southern California. Klein continued to play the drums as well, at the Welk Resort in Escondido and at night clubs until his passing in 1997.

Paul took over at the sticks in '76 and remained until the maestro retired the band and it's show in 1982. He has quite a bit of a msuical background, played with the band Kool-Aid Chemists which scored a R&B Top 30 hit, "Kool Aid" and is a popular as both a studio musician and jazz artist.

And when it comes to that awesome champagne rhythm; both guys have the beat!


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